Arthur Yoon is a distinguished Vice President at Redpoint Realty and head of the esteemed Arthur Yoon RE Group. He is a seasoned professional specializing in the representation of property owners and users engaged in the acquisition and disposition of Industrial, Retail, Flex, and Multi-Family properties across the dynamic real estate markets in Greater Los Angeles.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with a concentration in structures from North Carolina State University, Arthur brings a unique perspective to the real estate realm. As a Licensed Civil Engineer for over a decade, he applies his technical expertise to enhance the understanding and management of real estate assets. This academic and professional background positions him as a valuable asset to clients seeking a comprehensive and analytical approach to real estate transactions.

Beyond a decade of experience in luxury residential and commercial, Arthur possesses adept transactional skills and an intricate knowledge of market complexities. His commitment to excellence is underscored by his consistent recognition as a top performing agent, having received the esteemed platinum award for five consecutive years. Additionally, Arthur’s achievements have been showcased on the Zillow TV series, further cementing his reputation as a standout professional in the real estate arena.

Career History

Arthur commenced his real estate journey in 2012, focusing on specialized areas including Investment Sales, Full-Service Landlord Representation, Industrial Landlord Representation, Retail Landlord Representation, Full-Service Tenant Representation, Industrial Tenant Representation, Retail Tenant Representation, and Single tenant Net Lease Representation. With a decade-long background, he has proficiently executed over a hundred transactions, skillfully advocating for a diverse clientele encompassing homeowners, homebuyers, tenants, landlords, and investors. Arthur’s extensive experience underscores his adept navigation of intricate real estate transactions, consistently delivering successful outcomes.

Our vision

People over product. Service over sales. Unlocking your real estate dreams with our 4-step process. At our core, we believe in turning your real estate dreams into reality. We’ve crafted a simple yet powerful 4-step process that centers around your goals, emphasizes accountability, translates dreams into actionable plans, and ultimately, executes with unwavering commitment. Join us on this journey, where your vision becomes a thriving, tangible achievement.

Goal oriented

Buying, selling, building, or investing – your goals are our passion. Together, we'll design a custom strategy to bring your real estate dreams to life. Let's embark on this inspiring journey, turning aspirations into fulfilling realities in the world of property.


At the core of our commitment lies accountability, where deadlines are not mere dates, but promises to deliver. We're not just goal-oriented; we're visionaries. With strong determination, we aim for success, ensuring every step is purposeful. Our passion assures we don't just meet targets, but surpass them, continuously redefining success to fulfill your exceptional vision.


Understanding the task at hand, we excel in the art of bringing all the pieces together to create a harmonious and flawless process. Our expertise lies in ensuring that every aspect of the task is seamlessly integrated, allowing for an effortless and highly efficient execution. Your goals become our mission, and we take pride in crafting a meticulously coordinated journey, making sure that every element fits together seamlessly, leaving no room for disruptions or complications.


We've shouldered the hard work, and now it's the moment for your well-earned rewards. With the groundwork complete, your journey is poised for a satisfying conclusion. It's the stage where your efforts and our dedication converge, unlocking the success you've been working towards. The finishing line is in sight, and we're here to help you celebrate your accomplishments.

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