hancock park

Urban Core Neighborhood in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles County 90004, 90010, 90020, 90036


Hancock Park-Wilshire is a wonderful combination of big city living paired with a neighborhood feel, one of the few areas in LA to offer both. As a thoroughfare of the city, the main drag of Hancock Park-Wilshire is almost always active, and residents take advantage of the many museums, shops, and restaurants it has to offer. But the area also has quiet residential streets, open spaces, and beautiful parks, filled with locals who like getting a taste of both worlds.


Most of the early homes built in Hancock Park, during the 1920s, were designed in various Period Revival architectural styles, including EnglishSpanish ColonialTudor, and Mediterranean.

Hancock Park homes sit on generous-sized lots. Large front yards are the norm because the original plan for the subdivision specified 50-foot setbacks from the street. Yards here are well-manicured and lush. Subtropical plants and flowers are common and reflect the early ambitions of Angelinos to create a West Coast version of paradise.

Mature trees line the streets of Hancock Park providing beauty as well as shade – they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Craggily Sycamore and Elm trees are the two most commonly planted.

The City of Los Angeles has designated it a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, to help preserve its excellent historic homes dating from 1911 forward.

Just southwest of Miracle Mile is Carthay, a half-square-mile neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, California. There are two  LA HPOZs in Carthay.