west hollywood

Urban Core Neighborhood in Sanford, California

Los Angeles County

90046, 90048, 90069


West Hollywood, often called the most walkable neighborhood in LA, is known for its vibrant nightlife and connections to the entertainment industry. With iconic attractions such as the Sunset Strip, high-end restaurants where celebrities dine, and endless events at theaters and comedy clubs, West Hollywood embraces all the glitz and glamor of the LA lifestyle. But, with popularity comes crowds and higher prices — as well as traffic and tight parking. Homes are tightly packed as more residents try to squeeze into the desirable locale, and open green spaces are few and far between.

Some homes in West Hollywood CA have privacy hedges to obscure their street view.

Expensive condo living with a few single-family homes.

One of the biggest drawbacks for those looking to buy in West Hollywood is always going to be the price. Condos start at around $500,000 for tight units of about 500 square feet. A $1 million to $2 million budget could snag newer builds with 2 bedrooms, and units get up to $20 million for truly luxurious residences. Condos come with associated HOA fees, starting around $600 monthly but getting up to $20,000 for higher-end properties. Around 80% of the neighborhood population is renters; most buyable options are condo units. But, some old or new single-family homes are also available, starting around $2 million and skyrocketing much more for higher luxury properties.